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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Product Questions

How much fruit is in a Tray?
Should I store my fruit in the fridge?
If the fruit is a little green, does that mean they’re not ripe?
What type of fruit is available now?
What is a Honeybell?

Shipping and Delivery Questions

When will my order ship?
What delivery service do you use?
Where do you Ship?
Can I ship to a PO Box?
What are the cut off dates for Guaranteed Standard delivery for the holidays?
Who may I contact if I have questions How much is Shipping and Handling?

Online Order Questions

What credit cards do you accept?
Am I safe to order online?

Product Questions

  • How much fruit is in a Tray?
    A tray of fruit is approximately 9 lbs.
  • Should I store my fruit in the fridge?
    Citrus is ready to eat when it’s picked from the trees and will not ripen further once picked. Storing your fruit in a cool area will extend the life of the fruit. The ideal place to store is in the refrigerator. It will stay fresh for 2-4 weeks. Do not store in a plastic bag as citrus needs air circulation.
  • If the fruit is green, does that mean they’re not ripe?
    No, a greenish tint to the fruit does not indicate that it is not ripe. The outside color of the fruit is affect by the temperature. Early in the season when the temperatures are warmer the internal portion of the fruit matures but the outside skin does not color up until the cooler weather arrives. All of our fruit is picked at its peak taste and then packed and shipped to our customers to enjoy.
  • What type of fruit is available now?
    We’ve included a Fruit Calendar for the year on the website to explain the varieties in season. Fruit Calendar.
  • What is a Honeybell?
    Honeybells are a rare and unique variety that grow in limited quantities with a short growing season. A Honeybell actually isn't an orange at all. They're a cross between a Dancy Tangerine and a Duncan Grapefruit resulting in a sweeter fruit, loaded with juice, which features a unique bell shape and an intense flavor of its own. And although both of which are seeded - Honeybells are virtually seedless. Perfect for eating once each year in January, Honeybells will not be hurried to maturity and we will not ship them to anyone unless the fruit is perfect.

Shipping and Delivery Questions

Thanksgiving  Delivery Order By November 15th

Hanukkah Delivery Order By December 2nd

Christmas Delivery Delivery Order by December 16th

*Please keep in mind if you place your order after the above dates, we will try our best to get it to your recipient in time for the Holidays. All of our packages are shipped via FEDEX. 

    • How Much is Shipping and Handling?

      Standard Shipping & Handling Charges

      Rate per Package Shipping Fee
      One Tray $13.99
      Two Trays $15.99
      Three Trays $17.99
      Four Trays $19.99
      other gifts

      based on wt. (see individual items)

Online Order Questions


  • Am I safe to order online
    We use SSL (secure socket layers) to encrypt information and keep it safe. We ensure you that your information is safe and is only seen by intended parties.


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We fully guarantee the quality of every Orange Ring Citrus Pack, and its prompt delivery.

You and your gift recipients will receive delicious freshly picked Florida citrus. Our fruit is hand-picked from the Florida Groves and then packed and shipped daily.

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