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Why Florida Oranges Make a Great Gift Baskets

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Florida oranges are a great option! There are many reasons why giving this gift is a good idea for you and the recipient. Regardless of the occasion, a gift of Florida sunshine will be sure to brighten anyone's day.

If you live away from friends and family, it can be difficult to send them gifts for special occasions like birthdays or the holidays. However, we make it easy with our gift packages. You can order on our website and have the gift shipped anywhere in the United States.

It can also be difficult to know what to buy for people you don't see every day. Florida oranges are a nice option because everyone enjoys them. If you know that they like citrus fruit, and don't live in an area where they can get good quality citrus at reasonable prices, this is the perfect gift that they are sure to enjoy. It is simple and easy, and is sure to please even the most difficult of people.

There simply is not a better way to enjoy citrus fruit than freshly picked from Florida's finest. If someone particularly likes good citrus fruit but does not live in a tropical climate, they will surely appreciate receiving some of the best citrus fruit available in the nation. While it is possible to get Florida citrus in other states at the grocery store, it will not be as fresh. It will also cost quite a bit of money when compared to other citrus fruit. This makes the gift of Florida oranges that much more enticing.

Florida citrus is also extremely healthy. It is good for weight loss, controlling diabetes, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and a host of other health benefits. Instead of sending a care package filled with goodies that will add ten pounds, consider sending a care package of healthy snacks.

There are a number of options to choose from. You can send a gift of Florida oranges and select the type of orange to include in your gift (navel oranges, temple oranges, Valencia oranges). You can also combine them with another fresh citrus variety such as grapefruit, tangerines or honeybells. Some gift packages also come with other goodies like chocolate or taffy. This way the gift can be for the entire family, pleasing everyone including the children of the household.

The navel orange is the most poplar orange grown in Florida and have a distinct look with a navel on one end. The navel orange is seedless and has a rich sweet pleasant flavor. Navel oranges are one of the most popular eating seedless orange and are ideal for snacks, salads and desserts.

Best of all, gifts of Florida citrus can be purchased for under thirty dollars. This makes it a gift that nearly anyone can afford. If you have a short holiday budget, or if you simply don't have the cash for an expensive gift for any occasion, this is an option that makes good financial sense. Of course, if you have more to spend, there are additional packages that are much larger and can benefit an entire large family.

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