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The Best Times to Buy Fruit Baskets from Florida

One of the best parts of sending a gift of Florida oranges to someone is that you know they are fresh. But to truly know they are fresh you have to understand when it is the best time to buy oranges from Florida. There are certain months during which these fruits are harvested, and therefore are the freshest when you order them and have them sent to your loved ones. When you buy oranges fresh from the source they are like nothing you have ever experienced before.

The holidays are a great time to buy oranges and send a fruit basket to someone you love in a far away place. Most Florida oranges and other citrus fruits are harvested during these months. For example, navel oranges are harvested from October through February and Grapefruit is harvested November – May making these two great varieties to send during the holiday timeframe.

Many people think an orange is an orange; however there are several different types of oranges harvested at different times of the year. The navel orange is harvested from October through February, the Temple orange is harvested February and March and then the Valencia Juice Orange rounds out the season being harvested in October – April. Juice oranges are very popular with families that like to make fresh squeezed Florida Orange juice at home.

Another great variety are the Florida Tangerines which are harvested September through March (Fallglo tangerines, Sunburst Tangerines and Honey Tangerines). Buying citrus and sending a loved one a citrus basket with a combination of Florida Oranges and Florida Tangerines makes for a wonderful gift for all to enjoy.

Make the gift really count by buying oranges during the best part of the year, when they are being harvested from the orchards. The Ruby Red Grapefruit is available from November through May, however they are at peak flavor in January and February. The month of February is known as National Grapefruit Month. Grapefruit are touted as heart-healthy because of all their healthy benefits. Coincidentally, February is also known as National Heart Month. No matter how you slice it or squeeze it, Ruby Red Grapefruit hand-picked, packed and shipped from our groves will be the best grapefruit you will experience.

While this lets you know when you will get the freshest fruit, the truth of the matter is that you can buy oranges year round. The Florida citrus season runs from October – May, however due to mother nature, it varies slightly it year. Florida is known for their oranges and are ranked number one in the US. Keeping all of this in mind, you should be well prepared and informed as to when it is the best time to buy oranges and other citrus varieties for gifts. Florida Gift fruit is picked and packed fresh from the grove each day during the Florida citrus season.

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