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Navel Oranges – Where Did they Come From?

Navel oranges are everywhere this time of year – on produce stands, in the produce aisle, in gift baskets. But did you know that this citrus favorite was the result of a happy accident?

Like many orange varieties, the navel orange was the result of a mutation – a genetic accident that created a conjoined twin – at the opposite end from the stem. What looks like a human navel is actually a small, second orange. A missionary in Bahia, Brazil in the early 1800s discovered one single branch on a sour orange tree and was intrigued by the navel formation and the second little orange. He was even more intrigued when he tasted it and found it to be very sweet and seedless! He made a cutting, grafted it and propagated a few little trees and sent them to the USDA in Washington, DC.

Navel orange trees have traveled from Brazil to Washington, DC, and to California and Florida over the decades. Every navel orange that has ever been produced is genetically identical to that orange found in Brazil!

Orange Ring offers two varieties of navel oranges:

  • Navel oranges with orange flesh;
  • Cara Cara (Red) Navels, which originated in Venezuela. They have a bright red flesh and are lower in acid than regular navels

Get a taste of Florida sunshine! Don't miss out on the sweet and juicy taste of Indian River grown Florida navel oranges! Our regular navel oranges are available from November to February, and our Cara Cara Navels from November to December. Purchase them by themselves or in combination with our other Indian River varieties such as Ruby Red Grapefruit, Page oranges, Florida Tangerines, and Sol Zest Mandarins. Just call 800-237-7847 and our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives will be available to assist you and answer your questions, or simply start shopping on this website.

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