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Florida Tangerines: Nutritional Facts and Seasonal Information

Florida tangerines are great alternative to Florida oranges for those who would like to enjoy citrus that is sweeter with less of the sour acidity flavor. Tangerines supply a delicious sweet flavor, and are easy to peel. They can make for great ingrediaents to daily meals, or added to a salad as healthy sweet addition. They can also be pleasing for an after meal desert. The most popular tangerine is the honey tangerine. The, honey tangerine, a hyrbid of sweet oranges and tangerines, is strictly grown in Florida. The typical color of a tangerine is reddish orange or even a yellowish orange, though it can vary between different shades of orange. But coloration on depends on how the weather was for the season.

Florida Tangerines Season: When To Order

Most of the tangerines offered from Orange Ring are all availbe for the fall and winter. However, they do vary slightly between these 2 seasons for tangerines. Fallglo tangerines are available for order from September through November, Sunburt tangerines are available from September through December, Sol Zest Tangerines are available from November through January, and Honey Tangerines are available from February to March.

Nutritional Facts for 1 Tangerine

Calories - 47

Total Fat: .03 g - 0% Daily Value

  Saturated Fat: 0 g - 0% Daily Value

  Polyunsaturated fat: .1 g

  Monounsaturated fat: .1 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg - 0% Daily Value

Sodium: 2 mg - 0% Daily Value

Potassium: 146 mg - 4% Daily Value

Total Carbs: 14 g - 4% Daily Value

  Dietary Fiber: 1.6 g - 6% Daily Value

  Sugar: 9 g

Protein: .7 g - 1% Daily Value

Vitamins & Minerals

A: 11% Daily Value

C: 39% Daily Value

B-6: 5% Daily Value

B-12: 0% Daily Value

Calcium: 3% Daily Value

D: 0% Daily Value

Iron: 0% Daily Value

Magnesium: 2% Daily Value

Ordering Florida Tangerines from Orange Ring

Tangerines do not have the longest of shelf lifes before they may begin to spoil. Orange Ring makes sure that the product that your order will be quickly and carefully delivered to your door. Our tangerines are hand picked, packed, and shipped to ensure that care is taken as the tangerines are delivered from the grove to your door. To get your box of tangerines, make sure to mark down your calendar when they are ready for order.

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