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This month we celebrate the fruit known in scientific circles as Citrus paradisi, or “Fruit from Paradise”: the grapefru...

Health Benefits of Ruby Red Grapefruit

Most people know that fruits are good for you, and that includes Florida citrus fruit. However, many people are unaware of just how much eating ruby red grapefruit can benefit your health. A variety of people with varying health disorders or risks can easily benefit from eating grapefruit daily....

Eat Tangerines for Your Health

  Tangerine season starts in October and lasts until April. Known for its fresh taste, low caloric and high nutrient ...

Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit Season: When to Buy

If you want the very best Florida grapefruits, you are going to want to buy them when they are fresh. Ho...

Valencia Oranges: The Florida Juicing Orange

Valencia Oranges are some of the most popular oranges around the world and are primarily made for juicing. The amount of seeds in a Valencia orange can range from 0-7 per...

How to Prepare Ruby Red Grapefruit

How to Prepare Ruby Red Grapefruit 
You can prepar...

Citrus as Brain Food for Your Student

The temporal lobe of the brain is known as the “calming” part of the brain, controlling the organization of sensory input and highly associated with memory skills.  Citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines and mandarin oranges...

Florida Tangerines: Nutritional Facts and Seasonal Information

Florida tangerines are great alternative to Florida oranges for those who would like to enjoy citrus that is sweeter with less of the sour acidity flavor. Tangerines supp...

Page Oranges

The Page Orange is one of our lesser-known varieties offered by Orange Ring. While referred to as an orange, this petite (about half the size of a navel orange) specialty is a hybrid of a Clementine tangerine and a Tangelo (part Tang...

Honeybells – The Ultimate Citrus

 Honeybells – The Ultimate Citrus

 Those who love citrus often live in anticipation of the month of January – Honeybell sea...

Sol Zest Mandarins - The New Kid on the Block

 Sol Zest Mandarins – the New Kid on the Block

One of our newer varieties of Indian River Citrus that is rapidly gaining in popularity, Sol Zest Mandarins are easy to peel, virt...

Navel Oranges – Where Did they Come From?

 Navel oranges are everywhere this time of year – on produce stands, in the produce aisle, in gift baskets.  But did you know that this citrus favorite was the result of a happy accident?

The Best Times to Buy Fruit Baskets from Florida

One of the best parts of sending a gift of Florida oranges to someone is that you know they are fresh. But...

Give a Fruit Basket

 Give a Fruit Basket – The Perfect Gift for So Many!


Have you ever considered a fruit basket as a special ...

Temple Oranges - A Springtime Favorite

 Temple oranges were introduced into Florida in the 19th century, most likely from Jamaica, and have been cultivated commercially since the early 20th cent...

Occasions for a Florida Citrus Gift Basket

Finding the right gift for any occasion can be difficult. That’s why sending a Florida Citrus gift basket is always the right fit and right choice, especially for the person who has everything. A citrus gift basket is ...

Why Florida Oranges Make a Great Gift Baskets

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Florida oranges are a great option! There are many reasons why giving this gift is a good idea for you and the recipient. Regardless of the occasion, a gift of Florida sun...

Honeybells (Tangelos): Season & Nutritional Facts

We want to be upfront with you and let you know that the honeybell orange is in fact not an orange at all. The fruit is a hybrid of between a tangerine (Dancey) and a